Artisanal Panettone 500 gr

Enoteca Rabezzana

Artisanal traditional Panettone 500 gr
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Panettone Coconut and Ginger - 1kg

Orange Moon

Delectable Panettone

Panettone with coconut cubes, ginger, citron and white chocolate chips.
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Classic Panettone Badiani 1kg-2kg-4 kg


Taste the Italian tradition

The cake of Christmas parties: soft inside and with the typical irregular alveolation of natural leavening, no artificial aroma but the natural sweetness of honey, of Australian raisins and the citrus freshness of candied Washington orange cubes.


Classic Panettone filled with gelato - 1000g

Unico Gelato & Caffé

Italian Traditions

Traditional italian Panettone filled with gelato, for your Christmas celebrations!
8 to 16 slices.
Click Add and Choose the flavor of gelato you prefer.
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Artisan Traditional Panettone - 750g

Eat Vita

Christmas Cake

Panettone is a sweet yeasted bread originally from Italy that has become one of the most important holiday traditions in the world.
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