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Bring home freshly made vegan Gelato and your recipe.
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Raw Chocolate Ice Cream and Crudotti - 750 / 1000gr

Grezzo Raw Chocolate Rome

The perfect match

This fantastic mix will be the perfect end to any meal, and will allow you to amaze your guests by giving them an unforgettable moment.
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San Lorenzo ice cream - 750 / 1000gr


100% natural

Loved by young and old, San Lorenzo Gelato will surprise you with its wide choice of flavors for the selection of raw materials and their craftsmanship. Everyone will agree lovers of gourmet, vegan and milk and gluten intolerant flavors.
Free ice cream wafers!
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Raw Gelato Grezzo Raw Chocolate - 750/1000gr

Grezzo Raw Chocolate Rome

Raw and vegan ice cream

It is loved by nutrition enthusiasts, sportsmen, vegans, celiacs, lactose intolerant and milk proteins and ... by lovers of refined and gourmet flavors.
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