Myrrh home fragrances


Vitality and resistance

A 500ml home fragrance containing Myrrh, a stone that makes you feel more determined, helps to overcome moments of apathy and manage your energy in a balanced way.

Blue Ocean home fragrances


Starry night and depth of the sea

A 500ml home fragrance containing Sodalite, a stone that calms the mind and spirit. It brings calmness and inner peace and helps to release anger and tension.

Magic Garden home fragrances


Giving peace

A 500 ml home fragrance containing Aventurine, a stone with calming properties that brings serenity, optimism and patience.

Candle collection

Lavender Green Flowers

Premium fragrance

Scented and luxurious, natural soy, vegan candles. Hand poured in Buckinghamshire.
Three flavors: Mandarin and Sandalwood, Black amber and Patchouli, Freesia and Pear.