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New Chalet Ciro 1952 - Chocolate and Orange cake

Chocolate and Orange Gluten Free Cake - 12 Portions

Chalet Ciro 1952

Authentic Italian Chocolate and Orange Gluten Free cake

Gluten Free but no compromise on taste! This incredibly tempting chocolate and orange cake is perfect for anyone and any occasion!

Pumpkin Tart - 6 portions

Unico Gelato & Caffé

The perfect Autumnal Treat!

Pumpkin and spice and everything nice into this creamy, dreamy tart!
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Corn flour cake - 500gr

Arro Coffee

Breakfast sorted

Traditional Italian sweet cake rich in hazelnuts and maize flour, ideal for a sweet awakening.

Vegan Friendly Carrot & Hazelnut Cake

Peggy Porschen

Vegan Cake

A light and delicious cake, ideal for breakfast or snack but also as a sweet after a meal.

Plum cake with chocolate chips for 2 people


Sweetness to share

Yogurt plume cake for two, with dark chocolate chips.

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Apple cupcake for 2 people


A timeless classic

Soft apple pie with oil for two.

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Carrot cake


Vegan dessert

Vegan Coromandel Carrot Cake, spiced and soft carrot cake.


Box Cinnamon Rolls & Creme Fraiches - 2 to 8 pieces


Nordic traditions

Cinnamon rolls are the magic touch of any brunch ... and not only! Bring the scent of cinnamon typical of these Swedish sweets to the table thanks to Coromandel.


Apple and Lemon Pangruè


Soft goodness

Soft leavened, with three doughs, a process that makes it even softer and more fragrant than a panettone. Fresh taste with candied apples and Amalfi lemon cubes. A real treat for the palate!

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Plumcake - from 300 gr

Santi Sebastiano e Valentino

Sweet awakenings

What could be more beautiful than an awakening while enjoying one of Santi and Sebastiano's plumcakes? Available in six different variants, with original tastes and flavors of the past.
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Neapolitan Pastiera - 4 to 8 portions


Typical dessert of the Campania tradition

A crumbly pastry filled with ricotta, wheat and orange candied with the scent of orange blossom ... according to one of the legends, its goodness returned the smile to the Queen Maria Theresa of Habsburg!
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Pears and Chocolate - 4 to 6 slices

Pastry Ranieri Moscow


The "pear and chocolate" cake is a classic of Italian pastry.
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The Caffè Roscioli jam tart - 4/6 slices

Caffè Roscioli

Crunchiness and softness

A classic dessert that brings everyone together, young and old. A soft and delicious cream meets a crunchy and crumbly sheet. Whether it's for a birthday or an invitation to dinner, every occasion becomes the right one!
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Baked Cheese Cake - 6/8 portions


Sweet, but not too sweet

A crisp armor with a soft heart. Balanced, with a delicate and never honeyed sweetness, finished with a very fine disk of Ivoire white chocolate. For those who love important breakfasts and relaxing snacks.

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Baked tiramisu - 6/8 portions


A spoon dessert to bite

One of the most popular spoon desserts of Italian pastry. Try it inside a crumbly pastry. Let yourself be pampered by tradition with a touch of extra goodies.

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Apple Breaker Cake - 6/8 portions


The best of Tradition

A cake that pays tribute to our childhood and to the more traditional flavors of grandmother's homemade desserts. A meeting between a tart, an apple pie and a strudel. The best of the three most classic and traditional sweets, for a unique product, definitely worth trying.

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Gianduia and raspberry tart - 600g

Cucchi pastry

Infinite delicacy

Chocolate and raspberries is a highly appreciated pairing. Creaminess and softness of the chocolate are perfectly tempered by the fruit giving the tasting a perfect balance.


Linzer cake - since 600g

Cucchi pastry

Sweet spiral

Linzer is a tart out of the box. It entered our line as a successful alternative to the apricot jam tart. Whipped pastry with Central European flavor spices combined with blueberry jam.


Meran, the Cucchi apple tart - 600g

Cucchi pastry

Simply good

A lush apple tart in which the fruit is the undisputed star of the dessert.


Dark Chocolate Tart - 4 to 6 slices

Pastry Ranieri Moscow

Greedy and intense

Dedicated to lovers of chocolate and strong flavors, this dark chocolate tart is a perfect combination of the strong flavor of chocolate and the sweet crispness of the shortcrust pastry.
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