Home delivered bakery cakes


Dolce London

A gourmet gift for every occasion

Decadently indulgent, handmade sweet creations. Enjoy with your coffee, tea or pass them around after dinner for everyone to savour.


Dolce London

Classic Luxury

The Classic Collection from DOLCE LONDON. A box filled with the classic Italian bite size treats. From the indulgent "Baba'" to  the crunchy "Cannoncino", or  the classic choux and fruity tart: have a moment of Gusto Italiano.


Dolce London

Fresh and Fruity

These little treats will make the freshest finale at your next dinner party. Naturally sweet and full of flavors, fruit makes the perfect addition to this beautifully crafted treats.


Dolce London

Love chocolate? Well, you are in for a treat.

From the smooth cocoa filled choux to the rich dark chocolate "cannoncino"or  the chocolate dipped strawberry tart, pick you favorite or have it all.

LOVE BOX - San Valentine's Edition

Dolce London

Make the sweetest finish to your date night

Any of these sweet pastries will make the perfect finish to the special day, whether you are in the mood for chocolate, cream or strawberry!

Choux Lovers

Dolce London

Italian style celebration

Italian Choux, also known as Bigné, are filled pastries usually eaten at the end of a meal or for a special celebration.
Satisfy your sweet tooth with 25 choux  in 5 different flavors: chocolate, classic custard, raspberry, pistachio and Italian espresso.

Hazelnut and coffee cake 500gr

Arro Coffee

Traditional cake from Molise Region

Traditional sweet cake in tronchetto-shaped from Molise and made with corn flour, hazelnut flour with chocolate chips and coffee.

Tintilia wine cake - 550gr

Arro Coffee

Indulge in our Tradition

Traditional sweet cake in zuccotto-shaped and made with hazelnuts and maize flour. It is perfumed with the precious Tintilia red wine of our land. It is covered with cremino taste chocolate.