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Whisky and Soy Glazed Smoked Salmon – 2x200g/Whole Side

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From the Smokery

Combining the talents of Chef Gaetano Farucci, head chef of two-Michelin star restaurant, Le Gavroche, and the exquisite Smokin’ Brothers salmon, we present you the Balvenie whisky and soy glazed smoked salmon. Discover the whisky’s smokiness paired with the saltiness of the soy enhances the delicate sweetness of the salmon, for an inspired epicurean seduction.
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Available variants:
  • 2x200g
  • Whole Side

Smokin' Brothers says "Our salmon is sustainably sourced in the UK. Hand cured and smoked in our Smokery at the Daylesford Farm and carefully wrapped in plastic-free packaging."
Smokin’ Brothers salmon is unique and immediately recognisable for the way it is cut. In fact, the signature cut is the sashimi slice stye. The sashimi style allows appreciating the beautiful complexity of flavour and texture in each slice. Another main feature of Smokin’ Brothers approach is to differentiate the tail and the belly of the salmon. Because of the particular smoking process, where the sides are hanged, the two opposite ends of the salmon have very different flavors and textures. The belly is rich, with buttery and delicate slices, while the tail, being the muscle of the fish, has a lean flesh and an extra smokey flavour. The belly slices could evoke salmon sashimi but with a beautiful tone of smoke, while the tail slices are perfect for those who love intense smoky flavour.