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“Unlock Your Love” cake – Dark Heart


Deep love

A special edition dedicated to Valentine's Day. A key and a padlock for the occasion, a symbol of deep and eternal love.

This product is suggested for

Romantic moments, Valentine's Day.

Cake from the special Valentine's Day collection "UNLOCK YOUR LOVE".

Weight : 500gr

  • Dark Heart Flavor - delicate Bavarian milk chocolate, soft sponge cake, pistachio panna cotta on a crispy vanilla sablè base, covered with glossy cocoa glaze
  • White Heart - creamy ricotta cheese, soft sponge cake, light lemon cream on one
    crisp base of vanilla sablè, covered with glossy white chocolate glaze.
  • Each of his desserts is conceived as a work in itself, a sartorial masterpiece at the basis of which, however, the stubborn search for 360-degree quality remains: from the selection of raw materials to the processing techniques, up to the choice of packaging and sales environments.