A concentrate of taste!

A tasting of 7 raw chocolate nougats from Grezzo Raw Chocolate, to celebrate the joy of Christmas lightly and with taste.

The tasting includes :

  • 3 Hazelnut nougats
  • 3 Torroncini Almond, Raisins and spices
  • 1 sugar-free nougat

Each nougat is handcrafted in the laboratory and is absolutely lactose-free, without refined sugars, without animal derivatives, without the possibility of contamination.
Prepared with raw chocolate produced from cocoa beans of the prized of the prized Arriba Nacional quality. Why are the raw chocolate nougats special?
Unlike the common pastry shops that produce from semi-finished products from roasted cocoa beans, Grezzo produces its own chocolate totally in the laboratory, keeping the temperature below 42 degrees, from cocoa beans not roasted, but dried slowly in the sun. The result is a fine, tasty and incredibly nutritious artisan product rich in properties and benefits.
Raw Chocolate is a concentrate of taste and nourishment that enhances the natural nutritional properties of cocoa: it contains over 5 times the amount of magnesium antioxidant micronutrients and theobromine characteristics that make it a superfood, recommended by the greatest nutritionists in the world.

Who is Grezzo - Raw Chocolate?

The result? Unique, tasty and nutritious sweets.
The raw food techniques amplify the natural flavor of the ingredients and make Grezzo's desserts a unique experience ideal for sportsmen, fans of nutrition and gourmet cooking, vegans, celiacs, lactose intolerant.
Raw is the healthy evolution of taste.