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The Supplì of Arcangelo – 2 pieces


Great traditional classics

By far the best supplì in Rome ... fried and ready to eat!
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This product is suggested for

At the office, Children's party, In Hotel, Picnic, Outside.

Special features


Available flavors:

  • Classic
  • Tomato and Basil
  • Cheese and Pepper
  • Bacon and Egg

Al lergens Classic Supplì : Tomato, gluten, lactose, onion, garlic, spices
Allergens Tomato and Basil Supplì : Gluten, tomato, lactose
Allergens Cheese and Pepper Supplì : Gluten, Lactose, Spices, Eggs
Allergens Carbonara Supplì : Gluten, Eggs, Lactose

The Chef Arcangelo Dandini occupies a predominant place in the current culinary panorama, thanks to his passionate idea of cooking as a language. The tastes and aromas related to the chef's childhood speak of the times when the satisfaction of eating well was essential on Roman and Italian tables. These elements are mixed with the creative vein and passion of the chef to enhance the excellence and quality of the Roman cuisine of the past, thus leading to the creation of dishes at the same time innovative and traditional, with a unique flavor.