Country style

Country style garden bouquet portraying the 'hand picked' feel.
The Mayfair is the perfect handpicked bouquet.

Care instructions
Clean your vase to prevent bacteria.
Fill 2/3 of vase with water.
Remove any leaves under water to prevent bacteria.
Cut 2-3cm off each stem every few days.
Change water when it becomes discoloured and top it up when needed.
Keep flowers away from draughts, direct sunlight and ripening fruit.
Remove wilting flowers to prevent from mould (Botrytis).

Who is Lavender Green Flowers?

For Sue, floristry is an outlet through which she can combine her two passions: flowers and interior design, the latter of which is often evident in her work, alongside references pulled from the art worlds. As Sue puts it, “the rest is history…”. But it’s the seasonality of floristry that’s kept Sue hooked. “Floristry is an ever-changing landscape, one which excites us every day of the year”. According to Sue, flowers make for a fine gift because of their natural beauty and their ability to show you really care. Picking a favourite stem is no easy feat for a florist, but Sue is sure hers is the gardenia because it’s “Gardenia, because it’s “rare, fragrant and luxurious” – we couldn’t agree more.