The Floral Selection


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The Floral Experience

Don't miss the chance to let your beloved speechless with this special collection made of the best french cheeses with flowers and saucissons to go along with a glass of Chardonnay. For a tasty and sparkling Valentine's Day.
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The Floral Selection
The Silver Box includes:
  • Satonay aux fleurs - round in shape (bleuets, roses, floral mix)
  • Brut Chardonnay

The Gold Box includes:
  • 2 Satonay aux fleurs - 1 heart shaped (bleuets, roses, floral mix)
  • Brut Chardonnay

The Platinum Box includes:
  • Satonay aux fleurs (bleuets, roses, floral mix)
  • Grelots au Beaufort
  • Brut Chardonnay

Cheese ingredients: raw goat’s milk, rennet, starters.
Saucissons ingredients: lean and pork fat, salt of Guerande, thin salt, spices, ferments, natural pork liver.

Who is The French Comté?

They selected their suppliers for their ethics and quality. Sharing their regional products with people is the core of their business.
All products travel straight from their region to the UK which guarantee a greater freshness.
They source every single one of their products straight from the producers which means they cut the middle man out.
They have signed exclusivity in the UK with most their suppliers in the UK, so their products can not be found anywhere and everywhere!