Terradiva Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Ceramic Jar – 500ml



Allegro (Intense), Andante (Delicate)

Quality extra virgin olive oil, infused with an explosion of wild herbs from La Muglia.

Beautiful, handcrafted ceramic jar from Southern Italy
  • Terradiva Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in an attractive handmade ceramic jar. Full of flavour and colour.
  • Available in two varieties: Allegro (Intense) and Andante (Delicate).
  • Click ADD and choose Intense or Delicate.
  • The illustration on the ceramic jar is full of colour and carefully drawn details.
  • 'Sono grato per...' meaning 'I am grateful for...' - This is the perfect way to express your gratitude and makes an excellent gift for yourself or a loved one.
We believe in good and healthy food so we are constantly selecting farms from all around the Italian regions.  We really care about the freshness, we receive the products from Italy twice a week to offer every day the best fresh products to our customers.