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Wild Strawberries Tart – 5 to 7 slices

From 38,00

Tart without yeast

Crunchy short pastry without yeast, custard and wild strawberries.
It is possible to request larger sizes on order.
It is possible to request an "Auguri" writing.
Click Add and Choose the size you prefer.

Special features


Available sizes:

  • 5 slices
  • 7 slices
The Milan good pastry shop.
The Ranieri pastry shop in Milan is one of the favorite places for illustrious names in the city, for entertainment and more. There are many VIPs who frequent the club, but there is no shortage of athletes, politicians and journalists. Today the Ranieri pastry shop in Milan continues along its exciting journey thanks to Francesco Rana and his son Maurizio. Together with them there are also two historical pastry chefs, Mauro and Michele, who guarantee continuity with tradition.