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Snack box Light


Lightness and taste

Healthy, tasty and fast, a classic that everyone likes. Ideal for a mid-morning snack or afternoon snack.
Click Add and Choose the flavors of the juices you prefer.

The box includes :

  • Extra apricot jam Pellecchiella Felice D'Avino Farm - 220gr
  • Rusks - 200gr
  • 2 Bio Plose fruit juices of your choice
In this restaurant, only rigorously organic high-quality flours selected from the most important producers are used; mother yeast and German fermentations for many types of bread; the flour grinding, in the final stages, is done in a mill inside the room. They work continuously to create an innovative laboratory, in which to experiment with new blends of flours and to bake breads that meet every need.