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Sacher cake – from 5 to 8 portions


Contrasting notes

The classic Viennese dessert reinterpreted in a modern key by Maestro Roberto Rinaldini. The strong taste of chocolate is combined with the freshness of the orange creating an unequaled balance of flavors and aromas.
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Special features


Available sizes :

  • 4/5 slices- diameter 14cm
  • 8/10 slices - diameter 18cm

Description : Chocolate sponge cake, 70% Venezuela chocolate cream, orange and apricot jam and chocolate glaze.

Each of his desserts is conceived as a work in itself, a sartorial masterpiece at the basis of which, however, the stubborn search for 360-degree quality remains: from the selection of raw materials to the processing techniques, up to the choice of packaging and sales environments.