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Rory Hutton Silk Scarf

From £85.00
A great scarf for many outfits.

This product is suggested for

Women's Day.

Description and Variartions
  • Yellow Shells - Beautiful Yellow long scarf with hand-rolled edges featuring blue shells.
  • Blue Fans - Strong blue colour featuring peonies and roses with fans.
  • I am Ashurbanipal - Pretty blue and pink scarf with the Assyrian Lamassu motif. Gorgeous colours perfect for your Spring/Summer wardrobe.
  • Solveig Kerdrenval - Homage to Solveig Kerdrenval an elegant lady who adores historical and cultural Scotland; Greeny blue scarf.
  • Bunny's Garden - Designed by Rory as a homage to great female gardeners; beautiful white and blue scarf with garden designs.
    90 x 90 cm.
    All scarves are designed by Rory Hutton and hand silk screen printed on 100% silk.
  • To cater to the local community whilst creating floral decorations for weddings, and events.