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Hazelnut Christmas

An exclusive box of absolute value for hazelnut lovers with a selection of our best products.
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The package contains:

  • 4 Hazelnut-filled pralines: a very soft and intense hazelnut cream covered with a crunchy layer of dark and sugar-free raw chocolate.
  • 3 gianduiotti: A "classic" made entirely by hand, from hazelnut paste to raw chocolate, which requires two days of processing.
  • Intense: hazelnuts from Viterbo, raw chocolate and coconut sugar tied together in a fantastic organic gourmet spread.
  • Artisan Raw Chocolate Nougat with Creamy Heart BIO: raw chocolate enriched with Sicilian almonds contains a creamy heart of chocolate and hazelnuts.

Who is Grezzo - Raw Chocolate?

The result? Unique, tasty and nutritious sweets.
The raw food techniques amplify the natural flavor of the ingredients and make Grezzo's desserts a unique experience ideal for sportsmen, fans of nutrition and gourmet cooking, vegans, celiacs, lactose intolerant.
Raw is the healthy evolution of taste.