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Profiteroles Oversize

From 51,00

Profiteroles cake maxi size

Crunchy cream puffs filled with custard, 70% dark chocolate glaze, chantilly cream.
Available in multiple sizes.
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This product is suggested for

Children's party.

Special features


Available sizes:

  • 10 servings
  • 12 portions
  • 14 portions
  • 16 portions
  • 18 portions
  • 20 portions
  • 25 portions
  • 30 portions

What happens when a pastry artist gets his hands on a timeless classic? The answer is simple: it makes it perfect, few ingredients carefully selected and artfully combined. From today also oversized for your "crowded" evenings!

Receiving the dessert of your dreams has never been easier: tell us the day, time and address, precise and reliable as usual, we will knock on your door. You just have to taste it!

To be ordered by 12 noon on the day before delivery.

The search for excellent raw materials and product study are the basis of De Bellis' philosophy. Andrea is continually traveling around Europe in search of new techniques that can help improve the already fantastic product.