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Selection of ready-to-drink hot/cold drinks

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Taste and Vitamins

A variety of drinks, juices and fruit juices to treat yourself to a quality energy refill, filling up on minerals and vitamins without sacrificing taste. And for lovers of hot drinks, American coffee could not be missing, one of the most consumed in the world!
Click Add and choose the quantity and taste of the centrifuge or smoothie you prefer.

Coromandel hot drinks:

  • American coffee

Drink selection:

  • Chinotto - Niasca Portofino
  • Lemonade - Niasca Portofino
  • Mandarinata - Niasca Portofino
  • Cola Bio Italiana - Molecola Turin

Centrifugal flavors:

  • PAPESSA centrifuge: Apple, Carrot and Ginger
  • MAGA centrifuge: Orange, Carrot and Lemon
  • STRENGTH centrifuge: Pineapple, Cucumber and Ginger
  • EREMITA centrifuge: Apple and Lemon
  • Fresh orange juice

Smoothies flavors:

  • Milk and banana smoothie
  • Milk shake and Coromandella cream (Gianduja)
  • Almond milk smoothie and toasted almonds

Fruity banana allergens: 7.
Fruity allergens milk and gianduia cream: 7, 8.
Fruity almond allergens: 7, 8.

European Allergen Regulation Codes: 1.Cereals 2.Crustaceans 3. Eggs 4.Fish 5.Peanuts 6.Soy 7.Milk 8.Nuts 9.Celard 10.Mustard 11.Sesame 12.Sulphites 13.Lupins 14.Molluscs.

Il ristorante che è un po' casa, un pò salotto. Il "luogo" dove la passione di una padrona di casa raffinata, la classe di una direttrice intelligente e lo studio e ricerca gastronomica di una chef emergente fanno la differenza.