Pistachio Cannoli KIT


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Pistachio Cannoli Kit

Enjoy filling delicious fresh cannoli with friends and family in the comfort of your own home… Always fresh and always fun.Just fill as many cannoli as you want to eat and save the rest for later... do it with your loved ones for extra fun!
PISTACHIO CANNOLI KIT The town of Bronte in Sicily has some of the best pistachios in the world.They are hand-picked, dried in the sun, and harvested every two years instead of every year for extra flavor. Pistachio are sourced directly from here to create this special recipe: Fresh sweet ricotta and Sicilian pistachio from Bronte, garnished with roasted pistachio nibs. Fill fresh before eating for the most crunchy and mouth-watering cannoli experience!
  • 12 x cannoli shells
  • 1 x pouch icing sugar
  • 1 x pouch pistachio nibs
  • 1 x Casa Cannoli signature pistachio sweet ricotta piping bag
  • Instructions booklet
  • Cannoli shells and garnish do not need to be refrigerated, only the filling does so it saves fridge space too! Just keep the cannoli shells and garnish is a cool and dry place.
  • Allergens: Wheat, gluten, lactose, nuts


Cannolis are traditionally filled with sheep's ricotta although many variations are found around the world. This delicacy is best enjoyed straight after being filled and Casa Cannoli are known for making the freshest available. At Casa Cannoli they freshly fill cannolis using the highest quality ingredients, most of them imported directly from Sicily but also from other parts of Italy. Pistachio from Bronte at the foot of the mount Etna in Sicily and Piedmont Hazelnuts from the North East of Italy are just two of the DOP certified ingredients they use for their cannolis. As well as producing the traditional cannoli in its classic recipe they also create they own flavours, most of which are inspired by Sicilian tradition.