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Piadine Box – with / without drinks

From 18,00

Explosion of taste!

The classic piadina from Romagna revisited in a gourmet key by Roberto Rinaldini. High quality ingredients capable of creating a perfect balance of flavors. The ideal solution to satiate your appetite with taste.
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This product is suggested for

At the office, In Hotel, Picnic.

Available quantities :

  • 4 piadine
  • 6 piadine
  • 4 piadine and 4 drinks
  • 6 piadineand 6 drinks
  • 4 piadine and 4 beers of 0.33cl each.
  • 6 piadine and 6 beers of 0.33cl each.

Available piadine flavors :

  • Piadina with Parma ham 16 months of seasoning, squacquerone di Romagna Dop, rocket
  • Spelled piadina with rosemary-flavored loin, casatella di Romagna, grilled zucchini
  • Piadina with Bresaola della Valtellina PGI, flakes of Parmesan cheese 24-30 months of seasoning, rocket
  • Spelled piadina with stracchino cheese, anchovy fillets, cherry tomatoes, mixed salad
  • Piadina with smoked scamorza cheese, cherry tomatoes and valerian

Flavors of bottled Galvanina drinks available :

  • cedrata
  • gazzosa
  • Lemonade
  • Chinotto
  • Peach tea
  • Green tea
  • Lemon tea
  • Orange juice

Tastes of Amarcord beers available:

  • Gradisca - golden color, the scent of the flowers and the balanced and refreshing taste
  • Midona - antique gold color, notes of herbaceous and citrus fruits, controlled strength and aromatic roundness
  • Tabachina - intense amber color, body and structure without hesitation, the finish as comfortable as a blanket, which smells of malt and hazelnuts
  • Volpina - ruby reflections, of immediate impact and intriguing charm for the seductive swing of sweet notes of caramel and aromatic spiciness
Each of his desserts is conceived as a work in itself, a sartorial masterpiece at the basis of which, however, the stubborn search for 360-degree quality remains: from the selection of raw materials to the processing techniques, up to the choice of packaging and sales environments.