Panettone Mandorlato Organic – 1kg



Authentic Italian Panettone

with citron and orange candied fruit, raisins and Avola almonds. The perfect gift for friends and family before Christmas.
Panettone Mandorlato Organic

Common wheat flour* type“0”, butter [(milk* 18%)], candied citron* and orange* peel [(fructose glucose syrup (from corn,13%)], raisins [(sultana grapes*, sunflower oil*) 11%], pasteurized fresh egg yolk*(6%), polyfloral honey*, orange essential oil*, baking nature yeast*, dried skimmed milk*, cane* sugar. Icing ingredients: icing [almond* flour (39%), egg* white (27%), corn starch*], shelled almonds*(16%) grain sugar. *from organic farming
Contains: gluten, egg, almonds, milk. Might contain: soya, sesame seed, pistachio, walnuts, nuts.

Who is Orange Moon?

Orange Moon, is proud to offer new products including Organic Isola Bella and Isole Eolie Almond pastries. Since the beginning Orange Moon synthesizes the perfect fusion between tradition and innovation, combining Sicilian candied orange with dark and white chocolate, Almond pastries with candied fruit and chocolate, traditional Panettone with unusual citrus.