ORGANIC raw chocolate nougat


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The first nougat RAW

For those who love novelty, the unexplored territories of taste and the pleasure of healthy products. A real experience to be tasted slowly to savor every nuance.
Available in 4 flavors.
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Available variants :

  • Hazelnut - hazelnut raw nougat is inspired by tradition, but designed for explorers of taste, for those who want to enjoy every little bite.
    The shell of raw chocolate and hazelnut cream is sweetened with coconut sugar with its special aromatic qualities.
    The gianduia raw chocolate in this case hides a heart full of whole hazelnuts, of the gentle round quality, coming from the organic cultivation of Viterbo. Soft and crunchy, with a large quantity of hazelnuts, in a refined and desired disorder by manual dosage. Each hazelnut nougat will, in fact, be different from the others, each piece will give different emotions.
  • Almonds, raisins and spices - the raw nougat with almonds, raisins and spices is the new novelty of 2019. A recipe outside the traditional schemes designed for those who love novelty, the unexplored territories of taste and the pleasure of healthy products. Raw chocolate it is enriched in part by Sicilian almonds ground slowly for 3 days and in part left whole, with raisins and spices (cinnamon and ginger) for a unique and original nougat. The taste buds will celebrate for the absolute greediness of this raw nougat.
  • Gianduione without sugar - Gianduione is the raw nougat designed for those who love strong flavors and for those who do not want to consume sweeteners or sugar. Characterized by a few ingredients of vegetable origin and by a double layer of gianduia. Raw cocoa perfectly marries the gentle round hazelnut of Viterbo, and from this marriage they have obtained two consistencies: soft on the outside, creamy on the inside, at ease with the fine palates, with the explorers of taste, with lovers of challenges. It is a product with an incredible concentration of raw chocolate, finally free to be itself, without sugary constraints, pure as Mother Nature created it.
  • Pistachio creamy heart - candidate to be a best seller, this nougat literally leaves you speechless for the perfect harmony of contrasts.

    Compared to the 2018 version, we have increased the pistachio cream enclosed by raw chocolate by 50%.

    The creamy heart creates an exciting experience, which, with the soft raw chocolate, intones a symphony of flavors that will invade the palate in an incredible way.

Who is Grezzo - Raw Chocolate?

The result? Unique, tasty and nutritious sweets.
The raw food techniques amplify the natural flavor of the ingredients and make Grezzo's desserts a unique experience ideal for sportsmen, fans of nutrition and gourmet cooking, vegans, celiacs, lactose intolerant.
Raw is the healthy evolution of taste.