Negroni Cocktail Ready to Serve 500ml


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How to do Aperitivo like the Italians?

It's simple! Order your Primo Negroni ready to serve cocktail. Then sit back, relax and enjoy!
Negroni Cocktail Ready to Serve

  • Created by Italian-born mixologist Filippo Previero, Primo is a “celebration of Italy’s vibrant cocktail culture”. Available in a 500ml bottle, Primo Negroni (26% vol) has been handcrafted in Italy using quality ingredients, including a bespoke blend of dry gin, vermouth and bitter liqueur. The result is a perfectly balanced cocktail, layered with intense, deep bittersweet notes and hints of citrus fruit, designed to be enjoyed over ice and good company.
  • Ingredients:Dry Gin, sweet vermouth, bitter liqueur, orange essence.Allergens: SULFITES
  • HOW TO ENJOY PRIMO NEGRONI: Fill a rock glass with ice and generously pour Primo Negroni. Add a slice of orange and enjoy the taste of the authentic italian Aperitivo.
Primo Aperitivo takes inspiration from the traditional Italian Aperitivo, a social moment of life to be enjoyed with a good company and a tasteful cocktail.