An incredible mix of Italian taste

A delicious box full of typical Neapolitan pastries: Rum Babà Choux, Classic Cannoli, Sfogliatella available in four different flavour such as Italian pastry cream, ricotta cheese, chocolate, jam.
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Mixed Neapolitan Pastries
The pastry tray includes
  • Cannoli filled with Ricotta cheese and chocolate or Ricotta cheese and Pistacchio or Ricotta cheese and candied fruit
  • Rum babà
  • Sfogliatella filled with Ricotta cheese or Italian pastry cream or jam or chocolate
  • 18 pieces
Allergens: contains gluten, eggs, milk

Who is Chalet Ciro 1952?

Along those years, the Company has always strived to offer a wide range of products, with a constant attention to tradition and innovation. In a single location, there is a coffee shop, a bakery and a gelato shop with a level of appreciation from customers that gives Chalet Ciro the status of a cult gourmet destination, hence the endless line of waiting customers at any time of the day.