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Maria Antonietta – 5 to 8 servings

From 26,00

White chocolate and raspberry cake

Almond biscuit, raspberry jelly, white chocolate mousse and tonka bean.
Available in multiple sizes.
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Dinner invitation.

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Available sizes:

  • 4/5 portions
  • 6/8 portions

Being original is never easy, the risk of making a wrong choice is always around the corner, unless you rely on a brand that is synonymous with quality and excellence. Today De Bellis offers you this opportunity, with its irresistible Marie Antoinette, artfully prepared and packaged with elegance and attention to detail. Do you want to be remembered? We have what you need!
You just have to enter the day, time and address, our delivery service will be up to you when and where you want, full of delights!

The search for excellent raw materials and product study are the basis of De Bellis' philosophy. Andrea is continually traveling around Europe in search of new techniques that can help improve the already fantastic product.