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DIY cannon kit – from 6 to 12 pieces

From 15,00

Create your cannon

Order and receive where you want the DIY kit to create your connectors. Surprise effect and fun guaranteed!
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In Hotel, Father's Day.

The kit includes:

  • spirals of puff pastry
  • custard
  • sponge cake topping
  • glove

Available sizes:

  • Kit of 6
  • Kit of 12
Serge's real success is linked to the cannoncini to be expressly stuffed with his favorite cream. The declared mission is the desire to rediscover a very simple dessert of the Italian tradition, especially from the north, with great attention to the quality of the raw materials.
A special patented plate that keeps the shells at a temperature of 35 °, the pastries preserve the crunchiness of the sheet and can be consumed at the right degree of heat. For the filling, which takes place on the spot, you can choose between the traditional pastry cream, the eggnog, the chocolate or a tasty pistachio cream, while the grain represents the final touch of the preparation.