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Easy Beauty Routine kit – skin marked by time

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Face care

An effective and complete face kit dedicated to more mature skin, which will allow you to have everything you need for a perfect beauty routine.

This product is suggested for

Christmas, Mothers' Day, Women's Day.

The kit includes:

  • Dense oil (30 ml)
  • Micellar water (50 ml)
  • Liquid Light (50 ml)
  • Zero wrinkles (15ml)
  • Microfiber cloth

These products, used in synergy, will help you relax and nourish the skin, minimizing the signs of aging. Ideal for those with dry, inelastic skin who want to give the skin more tone, firmness and deep hydration.

How to use

EVENING: Apply Denso Oil to remove makeup and dirt accumulated during the day + Remove Denso Oil with the microfibre cloth moistened with warm or warm water (in this way you will also make a micro-exfoliation).
MORNING: Apply Micellar Water with a cotton ball and rinse.

After cleansing with Dense Oil and microfibre cloth (in the evening) or after using Micellar Water (in the morning), apply Liquid Light with a cotton swab 1 or 2 times a day.

Apply Zero Wrinkles (our richest cream) morning and evening to hydrate and nourish your skin, minimizing the signs of aging.