Gelato making experience – Children


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Meet the gelato Maestros

A kids friendly experience with a lot of fun for everyone! Learn how to make Gelato just like the Italians do!
UNICO GELATO will open the doors of their laboratory to the little ones.
Instructed by a friendly and passionate master chef they will learn everything about the original ‘gelato bolognese’. Aprons, gloves and recipes book will be provided.
    The experience includes 3 stages
  • - Blends preparation: they'll learn how to balance ingredients in order to create the perfect Gelato recipes - Also, they will produce their favourite Gelato flavours' blends.
  • Gelato "Mantecazione": they'll assist on the Gelato making process - Gelato makers will teach how to understand when the Gelato is ready and how to extract it from the machine. All the guests will taste the Gelato flavour just produced.
  • Gelato cake preparation and decoration: Gelato degustation for the guests to choose 2 flavours - Chefs will teach them how to produce a Gelato cake and they'll produce their own one! After the cake production, toppings and tools to decorate the cake will be provided. The cake will be a gift for them to take home.

    Additional information and fun:
  • The Gelato chefs will be proposing to the children extra rules/entertainment activities (such as naming the children with fun names, letting the children do a competition for the best decoration, offering an extra prize to the most collaborative team) to make the experience more engaging and fun
  • Minimum age: 8 years old
  • Up to 2 FREE tickets for adults that want to join the experience and help us running the experience smoothly
  • 1 Gelato cake crafted/3 children attending
  • To craft the Gelato cakes, we will be offering different special shapes (such as heart, star, and many more..) rather than the standard circle shape!
  • The experience is available for groups of at least 2 people