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Gourmet focaccia of Voce Aimo and Nadia – from 2 to 6 focaccia

From 20,00

Gourmet aperitif

A mid-morning snack? An office lunch? An aperitif with friends? Voce Aimo e Nadia offers a selection of gourmet focaccias, made with excellent raw materials.
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This product is suggested for

At the office, Children's party, Picnic.

Available quantities :

  • 2 buns
  • 3 buns
  • 4 buns
  • 6 buns

Available focaccia flavors :

  • Gourmet Focaccia Margherita. Dried tomatoes dried in the oven with Buffalo Mozzarella and Basil and EVO Coratina Oil
  • Gourmet Focaccia Voce. Cream of Leeks and Gorgonzola, Chestnuts and Raw Ham
  • Vegan Gourmet Focaccia. Broccoli cream, black olives grain and sweet and sour red onion
  • Mantovana Gourmet Focaccia. Mantua Pumpkin Cream, Walnuts, Salted Ricotta and drops of reduced Balsamic Vinegar
A unique project in which food, culture and art intertwine in three different environments: the library where you can find catalogs of the Gallerie d'Italia exhibitions and texts dedicated to art, the cafeteria, always open to the public and a gourmet restaurant. In the cafeteria a menu that comes from the strong link with the territory and the close relationship with the many producers of our peninsula. A vision capable of combining the heritage of the rich national gastronomic history and enriching it with a contemporary gesture.