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FCP – Kicca Cakes

When Mela Prina launched Kicca Cakes in 2003 she had a vision of a boutique-quality service specialising in handcrafted cakes – artisan creations of flavoursome fun for kids and adults alike. Having worked for some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants over the years, she’d seen that high-end culinary chic had become a little, well, bland and boring. She wanted to elevate it to something infused with colourful fun.
23 years ago she decided to settle down in London and to follow her passion for all things sweet and colourful, to take the care and attention to intricate detail that she had employed and experienced at some of the world’s finest restaurants.
Today Kicca Cakes makes stunning once-in-a-lifetime cakes for wedding days, corporate events and special occasions, annual cakes for birthdays and anniversaries, and ‘just because’ cakes for a tea party, for love or for family, friends and colleagues.