Evo Box – 500ml


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Premium Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Selection

Taste our unique Experience! Bring more taste to your daily meals and take care of yourself. Taste always new "Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils" to pair with your recipes. Explore the Evo World thanks to the WOOP Selection, created just for you, mindful and curious about real food. You will find the best of our Evo Monocultivar Oil Selection, with the stories of our producers and farmers, and much more.
The box contains: 5 x 100ml Mixed

Every Box will make you discover something new: 5 Evo Oils/Balsamic Vinegar, 5 Varieties, 5 Producers, 5 Intensity, 5 Stories, 5 Evo Cards, 5 Recipes, 5 e-travel to Italy.
We connect and feed a circular and short-chain, where we are directly in contact with our excellent suppliers and we love to tell you about them, their productions, the best pairings, the quality standards, awards and unique anecdotes. You will be part of the WOOP Evo Community. Based on shared Values and @OurManifesto. Now more than ever it is important to connect to #foodpeople, and let rise the real and healthy food movement. We need real nutritions, we need real energy to be stronger. Nature and Agriculture haven't stopped working for us, let's help ourselves to be healthier, thanks to food. Are you with us? It is not just a Box Subscription, it a new way of lifestyle, healthy and based on people (not product). Every month: we will change the varieties, intensities and regions of the Evo Oils you can taste; you will always discover 5 new Premium Evo Oil Varieties per Month.

Who is Woopevo?

The richest selection of Monovariety Extra Virgin Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars at your door - IT'S COOL TO BE EXTRA VIRGIN! Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the new luxury trend. WOOP EVO Bar is an immersive experience that will lead customers to discover a new world, unique and luxurious in different formulas and "recipes". Since ancient times Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been considered a precious element for the well-being of individuals. A product of nature of great value, it is a real basic ingredient for a rich and varied lifestyle and diet. With our Selection and guided experiences you will have fun tasting different oils and discovering their stories.