Dodo Agraria Mannelli -250ml


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil "DODO"

ORGANOLEPTIC FEATURES: It is the ideal Olive oil for children, even the youngest. From the very first feeds the seasoning becomes a source of benefit for our little ones in respect to a very delicate palate. The colour is green with golden reflections, the scent, of medium intensity, leaves rich and elegant vegetal sensations. A fresh olive fruitiness distinguishes the taste."
"Product name: Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Organic Olives "DODO" Area of origin: Umbria Colli Martani Variety Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino; Average altitude: 300 - 600 m a.s.l.; Nature of the soil: stony, clayey, limestone The average age of the olive trees: 20 - 50 years old and secular trees; Harvesting period: second decade of October; Harvesting period: hand and mechanized grazing; Pressing method: continuous cycle plant, cold extraction; Storage method: steel barrels under nitrogen at controlled temperature;

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