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The Bread of the Antico Forno Roscioli

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Bread as it once was

The scent, shape and color of the bread of Antico Forno Roscioli makes it the protagonist of the table, enjoy it alone or in combination with other ingredients to create always unique canapés and appetizers!

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Special features


Available variants :

  • German Bread - 1kg
  • Rustic with simple sourdough (Lariano) - 1,5kg
  • Rustic sourdough with olives - 1kg : green olives marinated in oil and vinegar with fennel, peppers and chilli peppers are added on the basis of rustic sourdough bread, thus creating a perfect bread for cold cuts and more.
  • Rustic sourdough with walnuts - 1kg : on the basis of rustic sourdough bread, a rich filling of Sorrento walnuts is added, which during leavening yield their essential oils making this fragrant bread unique.
  • Organic Monaca thigh with seeds - 550gr
  • Pan Brioche - 500gr

Taste the wide variety of types of bread that Antico Forno Roscioli makes with flour, cereals, tasty fillings and much more to still turn out the good bread as it once was.

Creating a good bread is not a simple thing, it requires knowledge of the raw materials, the mixing techniques, the leavening and maturation times, but above all it requires passion. Their doughs start from afar, from the selection of quality ingredients, they always try to use only the coarsest flours because they offer a greater supply of mineral salts and are richer in taste. They allow you to use less salt inside the dough, increase hydration and lengthen the leavening and maturation times, giving their products greater digestibility. The taste of their bread does not derive from the addition of flavor enhancers, but from a precise choice to use only organic salt from the Paceco salt pans, in Sicily, from the use of high quality flours and from the processing with biga and mother yeast .