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Compose your Breakfast


Good morning starts in the morning!

Saints Sebastiano and Valentino offers a wide selection of leavened products and desserts to give you a special awakening. Have fun composing the breakfast of your desires.
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Special features


Bio Plose fruit juices available :

  • Orange and Carrot
  • Pear
  • Fishing
  • Apricot
  • Pineapple
  • Orange
  • Blueberry

Available yeasts :

  • Classic empty croissant
  • Pain Au Chocolat
  • Venetian
  • Whole seed croissant
  • Radesky pine nuts and raisins
  • Radesky chocolate chips and candied ginger
  • Cream braid and fruit
  • Folding fan
  • Parisian apple

Sweets available :

  • Apple pie (lactose free)
  • Pear and cocoa cake (lactose and gluten free)
  • Jam tart
  • Cocoa and hazelnut tart

Plumcakes available :

  • Vanilla and cocoa plumcake
  • Banana plumcake, walnuts, nutmeg
  • Vegan chocolate plumcake
  • Apricot and lavender plumcake
  • Gianduia and green anise plumcake
  • Pistachio and black cherry plumcake

Cookies available :

  • Chocolate and salt cookies
  • Tozzetti with almonds
  • Tozzetti with hazelnuts
  • Cocoa tea shortbread
  • Shortbread from you
  • Red wine donuts
  • Donuts with white wine and anise
  • Vanilla diamonds
  • Cocoa diamonds
  • Vegan biscuits
  • Romias
  • Ox eye jam
  • Ox eye cocoa and hazelnuts
In this restaurant, only rigorously organic high-quality flours selected from the most important producers are used; mother yeast and German fermentations for many types of bread; the flour grinding, in the final stages, is done in a mill inside the room. They work continuously to create an innovative laboratory, in which to experiment with new blends of flours and to bake breads that meet every need.