Coffee Break



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Break from work? Snack with friends? Is it time for tea, or for coffee? Nourish yourself with taste and health!
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The box includes:

  • 4 cocoa and hazelnut crudotti
  • 3 almond crudotti
  • 3 Peanut crudotti
  • 3 Cookies with raisins, ginger and cinnamon
  • 3 Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • 1 Bocconotto with Gianduia Cream

Cookies prepared by hand one by one, dried for 12 hours, made with cashews, oats, cocoa butter and whole coconut sugars, flavored with cinnamon, ginger and raisins or accompanied by drops of raw chocolate ... they are an explosion of goodness!
Protein and low glycemic index are perfect even for the most attentive to the line.

Crunchy crudotti prepared with oats and almonds; in the various accompaniments of cocoa and hazelnuts, with peanuts, or pure almonds, they make you want, like kisses, to have one behind the other.

Finally, the king of snacks, chocolate pampering ... our Bocconotto alla gianduja. Any description would be superfluous for its infinite goodness. You just have to enjoy it.

Who is Grezzo - Raw Chocolate?

The result? Unique, tasty and nutritious sweets.
The raw food techniques amplify the natural flavor of the ingredients and make Grezzo's desserts a unique experience ideal for sportsmen, fans of nutrition and gourmet cooking, vegans, celiacs, lactose intolerant.
Raw is the healthy evolution of taste.