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Veal with tuna sauce – 1 or 2 people of Armando al Pantheon

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Appetizer or main course according to preference, all agree in defining it as one of the most loved dishes of Italian cuisine, simple and tasty!
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Ingredients: Veal (magatello) veal, carrots, onions, celery ribs, bay leaves, parsley, peppercorns, salt. The sauce: eggs, Sicilian Favignana tuna, extra virgin olive oil, lemon, anchovies fillets from Sciacca, capers from Salina.

Preparation: Place the pre-cut slices of meat on a warm serving dish, cover with the tuna sauce and sprinkle the capers on top.

Armando Al Pantheon since 1961 is the Roman tradition at the table with a novelty. Casa di Armando, because food is hospitality in a broad sense.