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Single-serving box – from 4 to 6 pieces

From 24,50

Raw, gluten free and vegan single portions

The delicious single portions of the Raw cakes!
Indicate in the notes of the order any preferences on tastes.
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Available sizes: 4 or 6 single portions.
The box of 4 includes:

  • Sacher - Dark and enveloping raw chocolate, soft almond paste and the rich and fragrant compote of apricots and orange: this is our surprising raw food sacher.
    Ingredients: Almonds, coconut, raw chocolate, apricot, orange.
  • Strawberry Tiramisu - Soft and delicate raw cream of cashew and coconut, wrapped in a strawberry embrace.
    Ingredients: Almonds, cashews, coconut, agave, raspberries.
  • Hazelnut emblem - The summary of an epic story in a bite. Emblem of Rough. Overwhelming hazelnut cream, laid on a soft bed of cashews and coconut, white chocolate and crispy and firm sheet of raw dark chocolate.
  • Mango Cheesecake - Exotic sweetness in a dessert. Crunchy almond and agave, enveloping mango and cashew cream with a sweet mango drawstring to finish.
    Ingredients: Almonds, cashews, mangoes.

The 6 box includes: the single portions contained in the 4 box plus:

  • Chocolate tart - Intense flavor of raw chocolate and hazelnuts, creamy and enveloping combined with a soft pastry of almonds and coconut that will make you fall in love with the first bite.
    Ingredients: Almonds, coconut, agave, raw chocolate, hazelnuts, coconut sugar.
  • Blueberry Cheesecake - Walk in an alpine forest in late summer. Crunchy almond and agave, fragrant wild blueberry and cashew cream with a sweet raspberry drawstring.
    Ingredients: Almonds, cashews, blueberries.

Tastes may vary based on availability.

The result? Unique, tasty and nutritious sweets.
The raw food techniques amplify the natural flavor of the ingredients and make Grezzo's desserts a unique experience ideal for sportsmen, fans of nutrition and gourmet cooking, vegans, celiacs, lactose intolerant.
Raw is the healthy evolution of taste.