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Box of 8 Marshmallows – Classic Vanilla

Box of 8 Marshmallows - Classic Vanilla
Handcrafted Gourmet Marshmallow Home delivered with Cosaporto.

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At the office, Children's party.

Box of 8 Marshmallows - Classic Vanilla
Description: Includes 8 hand-cut gourmet marshmallows
The classic French marshmallow - and some would say the best! Flavoured with Madagascan vanilla, shot through with specks of vanilla pod, they make the ultimate topping for a luxurious hot chocolate, toasting on a campfire with family and friends, or for sandwiching with chocolate between two biscuit layers for the perfect S’more.

Ingredients: Caster sugar, glucose syrup, invert sugar, FISH gelatine, vanilla essence, vanilla powder, confectioner’s sugar, cornflour, water, salt.
Gluten free, dairy free, halal, low fat and suitable for pescatarians.
La Maison Guimauve is a leading brand of talented marshmallow makers, renowned for their truly irresistible and luxurious marshmallows which not only look stunning but taste delicious too.