Box Chocolate and Chocolate, caramel and sea salt Macarons – 12 pieces


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Delicious macarons

Box of macarons in our perennially popular Chocolate and Chocolate, Caramel & Sea salt flavours despatched in an elegant eco-friendly box.
Flavors available:
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate, caramel and sea salt

Ingredients: Contain nuts (almonds), milk and eggs.  Gluten-free.  Our products contain colourings, which may include the following which may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children: E102 Tartrazine, E104 Quinoline Yellow, E110 Sunset Yellow FCF Orange Yellow 5, E122 Azorubine Carmoisine, E124 Ponceau 4R Cochineal Red A, E129 Allura Red AC. Any colourings used comply with EU regulations.