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Beauty Bouquet


Enchanting Bouquet in a Hand-Tied Vase

Each and every design is one-of-a-kind, created by one of our highly skilled florists using the freshest stems available on the day.

This product is suggested for

Romantic moments, Easter.

Details: This flower arrangement is a mixture of kahala roses, lilac climatis, white stock, pink carnations and eucalyptus. This flower arrangement comes with a beautiful hand-tied vase. Flower Care Essentials:
  • 1. Remove packaging and wrap & cut 2-3 cm all the stems.
  • 2. Remove all the leaves that would be under water.
  • 3. Take a clean vase & fill it with clean cold water.
  • 4. Place your flowers in the vase.
  • 5. Display your flowers in a cool light location, but keep them away from direct sunlight, draughts or fruit.
  • 6. Cut the stems again every few days & change the water when it stops being clear.

  • *In case of roses remember to remove also any discoloured petals & in case of lillies to remove the anthers, using a tissue, when the bud opens.
    At the core of F for Flower's identity is a profound love for flowers and a genuine passion for the art of floral arrangement. Every creation is infused with a sense of artistry and meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the team's dedication to craftsmanship and their ability to transform blooms into captivating works of art. F for Flower prides itself on curating a diverse and thoughtfully curated selection of flowers, ensuring that each arrangement tells a unique story. Their distinctive identity shines through in their ability to combine different textures, colours, and fragrances to create harmonious and visually stunning compositions.