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Assorted Marshmallow Box

Assorted Marshmallows Box
Whether it's a special birthday, a thank you to a friend or as a treat to yourself, these boxes of gourmet marshmallows make an elegant and luxurious gift.
Assorted Marshmallow Box
Description: This gift box contains a total of 24 marshmallows from the Permanent Collection including Classic Vanilla, Raspberry & Lemon, Coconut, Double Chocolate, Elderflower & Champagne, and Rose Petal.
Beautifully presented in a burgundy and gold gift box and branded ribbon.
Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, gelatine (FISH), confectioner's sugar, cornflour, vanilla essence, vanilla powder, raspberries, lemons, elderflower syrup, champagne (SULPHITES), cocoa powder, 71% dark chocolate, desiccated coconut, natural flavours, natural colours, gold leaf and rose petals.

Gluten and Diary Free
La Maison Guimauve is a leading brand of talented marshmallow makers, renowned for their truly irresistible and luxurious marshmallows which not only look stunning but taste delicious too.