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Amaro Baladin – Baladin (50cl) Piedmont


Traditional Italian 'Amaro' liqueur

A classy herbal liqueur from the northern Piedmont region.
Amaro Baladin - Baladin (50cl) Piedmont

A herbal liqueur – amaro – based on Xyauyù, a beer with complex and elegant oxidative notes, no carbonation and no head. A mix of botanicals is added, including gentian root and lavender. The exciting scent is a complex mix of aromas, with a flowery note of lavender that stands out. The rich taste is characterized by the woody bitterness of the gentian root.

Alcohol = 20% ABV
Service Temperature = 10/12°C
Amaro Baladin, our beer-digestif, is perfect at the end of the meal and, thanks to its richness of aroma, it’s also ideal in mixology.
We believe in good and healthy food so we are constantly selecting farms from all around the Italian regions.  We really care about the freshness, we receive the products from Italy twice a week to offer every day the best fresh products to our customers.