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5 Italian Craft Beers Gift Box


Premium-quality Italian beer

A selection of 5 of the finest Italian beers from Baladin.

This product is suggested for

Birthday, Italian style, EURO 2020, Father's Day.

5 Italian Craft Beers Gift Box

A fine selection of 5 delicious and refreshing premium Baladin craft beers from Italy, including:
  • Isaac (33cl) - A hay-yellow blanche, with a slightly hazy and cloudy appearance and a moderate, fine head. The scents are pleasantly citrusy and subtle aromas of spices gradually intensify as the beer becomes warmer. When sipped, it releases a beautiful harmony of cereals and citrus fruits, which mix and blend creating a delicate flowery and spicy balance. The finish is slightly herbaceous and leaves a faint, yet tantalizing peppery note in the mouth.
    Alcohol: 5%
    Service Temperature : 8-10 °C
    Pairings: Delicate cooked fish, maybe with a touch of spices, white meat, soft cheese, mozzarella.
  • Nazionale (33cl) - This beer has a deep yellow colour, a very subtle hazy appearance and a white, fine, persistent head. Its delicate scents are a perfect example of balance between the fruity, herbaceous and malty components, and give it a light aroma that invites you to drink. A sip of Nazionale reveals a little masterpiece of connections between individual tastes. Its notes of chamomile and citrus fruits, balanced out by the gentle bitterness of Italian hops – grown and harvested on Baladin’s own hop fields – make it simply complex. A clean beer that is easy to drink and will satisfy those who want to drink well, with no compromise.
    Baladin is committed to supporting Italian agricultural products. Nazionale is made with:
    Water from the Maritime Alps
    Barley malt from our fields in Basilicata and Apulia, Italy
    Hops from our fields in Piozzo and Busca (Piedmont), Italy
    Spices from central and southern Italy
    Yeast grown at the brewery in Piozzo (Piedmont), Italy
    Alcohol: 6,5%
    Service Temperature : 8-10 °C
    Pairings: A very versatile and flexible beer. It can be sipped with a burger, a good pizza, a plate of octopus and potato salad or ravioli, as well as with soft or medium-aged cheese. A beer that offers endless possibilities.
  • Nora (33cl) - This very original beer has a deep golden colour (or, more technically speaking, amber with copper hues) and a slight hazy appearance, while the head is fine and persistent. It release a kaleidoscope of scents that blend into one, pleasant bouquet of fruity, resinous and woody notes, with a subtle touch of incense: a surprise each time the glass is brought to the nose. The taste of cereals stands out and anticipates notes of apricot, hazelnut and honey. An explosion of tastes brought together by the freshness of ginger and slight hints of citrus fruits, before finishing with notes of spices and malt.
    Alcohol: 6,8%
    Service Temperature : 10-12 °C
    Pairings: Lean cooked fish, white meat, also cooked with spices, international dishes (couscous, tajine or Asian food), mature cheese and dry desserts.
  • Super Bitter (33cl) - This is an amber ale with a persistent, light hazelnut-coloured head. Fruity and warm scents immediately invade the nose, harmoniously blending with the delicate herbaceous and citrusy notes of the hops. We find these again in the taste, along with the hints of cereals that are perceived with the very first sip. As the first sensations fade, a pleasant and very subtle peppery note emerges.
    99.28% ITALIAN CRAFT BEER Baladin Super Bitter is made with:
    Water from the Maritime Alps Barley malt from our fields in Basilicata and Apulia, Italy
    Hops from our fields in Piozzo and Busca (Piedmont), Italy
    Yeast grown at the brewery in Piozzo (Piedmont), Italy
    Non-Italian ingredients: Hops 0.72% – US
    Alcohol: 8%
    Pairings: Red grilled meat, stews, roasts, mature cheese and dry pastries.
  • Wayan (33cl) - This deep yellow, slightly hazy saison has a fine, persistent head with a beautiful light cream colour. The very complex scents immediately evoke flower fields and make you gently land on a sea of thyme and rosemary. As soon as the beer warms up, the vegetal scents evolve into a wonderful floral bouquet, which finishes with clear notes of ground pepper. When sipped, it releases an allegory of tastes: from sweet malt to citrusy flavours and brighter notes of spices and fresh pepper, which make you want to take a second, pleasant sip, and a third, and a fourth…
    Alcohol: 5,8%
    Service Temperature : 8-10 °C
    Pairings: Oysters, shellfish, shrimps or raw fish, white and red meat with spices, international dishes, medium-aged cow’s milk cheese.

  • Ingredients (allergens in bold): Water, barley malt, spelt, wheat malt, wheat, rye, buckwheat, hops, mix of spices, citrus zest and aromatic herbs in variable proportions, sugar, yeast.

    We believe in good and healthy food so we are constantly selecting farms from all around the Italian regions.  We really care about the freshness, we receive the products from Italy twice a week to offer every day the best fresh products to our customers.