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Box 4 small single portions


Small mini creations for great emotions

The pastry of Voce di Aimo and Nadia at the highest levels.
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In Hotel.

Available flavors:

  • Cheesecake - with passion fruit insert and passion fruit glaze on a short pastry base
  • Cocoa puffs - stuffed with mascarpone cream, coffee sauce and coffee ganache
  • Lemon - vanilla creamy, orange and mint lemon insert and red cover
  • Vanilla Bavarian - vanilla Bavarian. sour cherry syrup glazed with raspberry

Tastes may vary based on seasonality and store availability.

A unique project in which food, culture and art intertwine in three different environments: the library where you can find catalogs of the Gallerie d'Italia exhibitions and texts dedicated to art, the cafeteria, always open to the public and a gourmet restaurant. In the cafeteria a menu that comes from the strong link with the territory and the close relationship with the many producers of our peninsula. A vision capable of combining the heritage of the rich national gastronomic history and enriching it with a contemporary gesture.