Valentina's Recipes

Valentina arrived in London, back in 2008 and had no idea where her future would lead her. The only certainty was her passion for baking. After working for more than 6 years in the hospitality industry, she realised that she missed and longed for homemade choux pastry; that’s when she decided to create a traditional Italian choux pastry parlour. Valentina's Recipes is the result of many years of hard work, passion, acquired experience and a big desire to create something that could represent herself and her country’s tradition. The key to Valentina’s choux pastry is simplicity, using high-quality ingredients and old-time recipes.
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Festa Del Papà Box 2
Festa Del Papà Box
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Christmas Choux Box - 25 or 36 pieces
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The Hot Chocolate Box by Valentina
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Birthday Box - 25 pieces