Trevi Tiramisu

The most representative dessert of Italian pastry tradition is undoubtedly the Tiramisu, this dessert is known and appreciated throughout our country from north to south and also internationally; its name is present in the common vocabulary of 23 different languages. Tiramisu has a precise place of birth: Treviso. It all started with the "sbatudin", an energy based sweet with egg yolk and sugar that was intended mainly for children, the elderly and convalescents. A lot has changed since those times but the main recipe is still the same as when it was first made in 1960.

Box of Aragostina by Trevi Tiramisu.
Box of Aragostina - 5/10/20 pieces
Tiramisu Box - 4 pieces by Trevi Tiramisu
Tiramisu Box - 4 pieces
Fruit Tart by Trevi Tiramisu
Fruit Tart