Odilla Rabezzana

Odilla Rabezzana was born from a collaboration between two well-known and historic Turin wine and chocolate brands. Rabezzana is a tavern, wine shop, wine label ... all this and much more to be, after all, unique! The Rabezzana wine shop represents a piece of Turin history, since 1911, the year in which, Luigi Rabezzana, the great-grandfather of the current owner, wine producer with vineyards and cellars in San Desiderio d'Asti, opened a first emporium in Via San Massimo. Odilla Chocolat is also a family story, passion and dedication. The name "Odilla" is a tribute to Gabriele Maiolani, the master chocolatier, to his mother Odilla Bastoni, who first had the idea of transforming the historic Turin shop into a French-inspired chocolate shop. From there to Corso Garibaldi in Milan the step was short, and their precious chocolates, pralines, godo 'and many other delicacies of the Savoy tradition await you.