Born and brought up in Genoa, Roberto has opened more than forty restaurants in Italy, London and the USA. Having spent his whole career championing Italian cuisine, his dedication was recognised when he was appointed in May 2017 as the first Genoese Gourmet Ambassador.
Our promise to you is to bring into your kitchen the best, and only the best, authentic Italian ingredients of the highest quality. These are the products that the respected restaurateur Roberto Costa has selected and uses every day to prepare meals for himself and his family.
As a true Italian, passion for food is in Roberto's DNA. But what excites him most is the heritage of each ingredient and the memories they stir. Each scent, taste and texture carried him back to a place and a time: whether that is locating the finest basil in the world in the Piedmont mountains, opening his latest restaurant in Miami, or stealing ravioli as a boy, from the old wooden table in his mother's kitchen.