Ben Venuti

Ben Venuti offers exceptional imported Italian products like carefully selected cured meats, fresh produce, traditional patisseries and homemade gourmet sandwiches, which showcases the authenticity of the flavours of Southern Italy that Gianluca and Simone, the founders, inherited from Lecce and Naples, their hometown. The unique selection of products is highly recommended by the Italian community, from food lovers to critics. The main aspect is the origin of the product, highlighting the fundamental points: production methods, the tradition of origins and the history behind every single element that influences the final results.
2020 Coppo Gavi Rocca DOCG
2020 Coppo Gavi Rocca DOCG
2017 Tenuta di Fiorano Fioranello Rosso
2017 Tenuta di Fiorano
MyFamiglia Pic-Nic 2
Family Picnic x 6 People
Variable price
MyAmici Pic-Nic 3
Friends Picnic x 4 People
Variable price