Women's Day

Chocolate cake - from 6 to 15 portions

Trevi Tiramisu

The delight of gourmands

Three layers of chocolate sponge cake, dark chocolate or nutella cream covered with dark chocolate.
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Mimosa cake - from 6 to 15 portions

Trevi Tiramisu

A breath of freshness

Three layers of sponge cake made with strawberry or forest berries cream, covered with yellow sponge crumbs.
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Classic Mimosa Cake - 4/5 porzioni

Rinaldini Rome

Long live the woman!

On the occasion of Women's Day, Maestro Roberto Rinaldini has rethought the traditional mimosa cake in a creative and modern way. A glamorous and refined touch to pay homage to a very special person.


Mimosa cake - 4/5 portions (

Rinaldini Rome

Irreplaceable like her!

On the occasion of Women's Day, Maestro Roberto Rinaldini has rethought the traditional mimosa cake in a creative and modern way. A touch of femininity and elegance to pay homage to a truly special person.

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The Cadogan

Lavender Green Flowers

Good enough to eat!

A delicious array of coffee and caramel toned Roses, good enough to eat.

"Seychelles trip" massage

"Seychelles trip" massage

Sensory journey

Set off on a sensory journey letting yourself be carried away by the scents of fragrances and the relaxing atmosphere, created specifically to enjoy a moment of relaxation. Ideal for you or as a gift for the person you love.


Raspberry and Chocolate Heart - for 3 people

Cotton Candy

A sweet way to declare your love!

A soft heart of Bavarian chocolate and raspberry and a base of dark chocolate brownies. A sweet contrast of flavors to end your candlelit dinner on Valentine's day.


Heart box Flowers and Chocolates - Small / Medium

Bagatin heirs


The elegance and beauty of the flowers combined with the sweetness of the chocolates of the Maitre Chocolatier of Neuhaus. An original gift idea to amaze your partner!
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Lemon mimosa - 4/5 portions


A touch of spring!

A classic to celebrate the woman but suitable for any occasion always managing to satisfy everyone's goodies. Fresh and delicate, this dessert is perfect for ending a meal with family or friends.


Classic mimosa - 4/5 portions


Taste and taste

Cheerful, colorful and exquisite ... a classic of Italian pastry. A sweet with a delicate and irresistible taste, suitable for any occasion.


Candle collection

Lavender Green Flowers

Premium fragrance

Scented and luxurious, natural soy, vegan candles. Hand poured in Buckinghamshire.
Three flavors: Mandarin and Sandalwood, Black amber and Patchouli, Freesia and Pear.

Orchid plant

Lavender Green Flowers

Timeless classic

Phalaenopsis Orchids in a grey stone planter.

Trio of Succulents

Lavender Green Flowers

Succulents selection

A selection of three succulents in grey pastel planters using Echeveria and Sedum.


Lavender Green Flowers

Country style

Country style garden bouquet portraying the 'hand picked' feel.

Notting Hill

Lavender Green Flowers

Delicate spring

A delicate collection of scented seasonal blooms creating a stunning spring hand tied bouquet.

Little Venice

Lavender Green Flowers

Seasonal collection

A classic jam jar filled with the perfect seasonal collection making it a blooming good gift.

Carnaby Street

Lavender Green Flowers

Coral and purple tones

A fun and whimsical collection of Miss Piggy Rose, Clematice and Lisianthus in shades of coral and purple.


Lavender Green Flowers

Soft pastel tones

A subtle combination of soft pastel tones including Quicksand Rose, Faith Rose, Bombastic spray Rose and delicate Waxflower.


Lavender Green Flowers

Spring sweetness

A gorgeous array of deep toned scented spring flowers and seasonal foliage's.


PM Flowers

Devine Beauty

Divine hand-tied arrangement featuring Hydrangea, Astrantia, Roses, Spray Roses , Lily, Lisianthus, Cymbidium, Alstomera, Hypericum.